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Woman Fabricates Story of Sexual Assault

Yesterday we told you of a case of rape that was being investigated by Belmopan police after a woman went in to make a statement.  After investigations, however, the investigators found that the woman fabricated her story and there was no case of rape or sexual assault.  As a result, the woman was charged with for committing a mischievous act.  The 24-year-old, woman had told police that she was in her bed sleeping when she was awoken by someone fondling her.  Upon waking up she realized her underwear had been removed and her only recollection was that of her roommate yelling her ex-boyfriend’s name, who was also at the house at the time of the said incident.  The woman says she then got up and ran outside to call for help as she was inebriated and confused from the Christmas celebrations.  The police had initially detained a 29-year-old man for the incident but he has since been release.