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Woman Facing Court of Appeal Case to be Deported to Belize

In August, 2012 Calaney Flowers was charged with the murder of Lyndon Morrison and the attempted murder of Sochyl Sosa. Morrison was riding his motorcycle with his girlfriend Sosa when Flowers slammed her Saturn car into the couple. Morrison who was also the father of Flower’s child died while Sochyl Sosa survived. In the Supreme Court case the crown was represented by Counsel Sheneiza Smith and Flowers was represented by Richard ‘Dickie’ Bradley.  In March, 2017 Flowers was acquitted of murder and went free. However, during an application to appeal the Supreme Court decision on September 22nd, 2018, neither Flowers nor an attorney appeared at that session. The matter was then adjourned to the March, 2019 session of the Court of Appeal.  Since she was initially acquitted in March, 2017, Flowers had migrated to the United States of America. Her prolonged visit to the USA resulted in an immigration violation, and Flowers was detained and now faces a voluntary deportation. Sources say Flowers should be back in Belize in early December.