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Woman Fined for Slipping Boyfriend Weed Outside Courtroom

A 21 year old woman who gave her boyfriend, 31 year old prison inmate Ryan Alvarez, two point nine grams of cannabis yesterday morning while he was being escorted from Magistrates’ Court  back to the holding cell, was fined ten thousand dollars today by Magistrate Carlon Mendoza after she pled guilty to drug trafficking. She is Megan Leslie, an unemployed who is the mother of a three year old child. Mendoza said he did not give her the custodial sentence of three years because it was her first offence and her attorney had pleaded for mitigation. Leslie has until July 29 to pay the fine. If she defaults on payment she will serve three years. Alvarez, who is remanded on a charge of murder, was charged with possession of a controlled drug. He pled guilty to the charge and he was sentenced to one month by Mendoza. His sentence is to take effect from today. It was the court orderly who saw Leslie hand over the drug.