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Woman gets bail for 250 rounds of ammunition

Thirty year old Tifara Usher, a self-employed resident of Hattieville, was riding a passenger bus which had left the Corozal District on the third of January. The police stopped the bus between miles 50 and 51 and searched a black plastic bag in Usher’s possession. The officers found 5 boxes with 50 rounds of ammunition in each of them. She was arrested, charged and remanded for keeping 250 rounds of 9 millimeter caliber ammunition.  Today Usher was released after Justice Herbert Lord granted her bail which was set at $10,000. Justice Lord stipulated that Usher must attend Corozal Magistrate’s Court on March 19 and on any other day required by the court. A second condition is that she must report to the Hattieville Police Station every Monday and Friday until the matter has concluded. A third condition is that she is not to communicate with any of the prosecution witnesses. Usher was represented at the bail hearing by attorney Oscar Selgado. The Crown was represented by Crown Counsel Riis Cattouse.