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Woman Gets Killed Following Fun Day with Family

33-year-old, Rosalie Galvez was murdered on Sunday evening near the junction of the George Price and the Hummingbird Highway near the Guanacaste Park.  Correspondent Angelica Cruz reports.


“On Sunday evening, May 17 sometime around 5:30pm, 44-year-old, Russell Hyde, a Belizean farmer and businessman of Camalote Village, Cayo District, told Love News that he, along with his common-law-wife, 43-year-old, Rosalie Galvez, two sons and other family members were travelling from More Tomorrow Bay in their black Toyota pick up truck enroute to their home in Camalote Village when upon reaching the Guanacaste National Park, he slowed down his vehicle because of a number of speed bumps in the area and the construction of the new roundabout.  Hyde says that as he was about to approach the stop sign, that is when a lone gun man came out of the bushes and fire several shots at them. 33-year-old, Rosalie Galvez was rushed to the Western Regional Hospital suffering from a single gunshot wound to the head. The doctors did all they could to save her life but sadly she passed away. Love News spoke to the mother of the deceased, Eledora Cruz who shared her pain with us.”


“I was in Dangriga and then when I got the call that they shot her, I came up and after that when I got to the hospital she was already dead.  I feel it so hard to lose my daughter in such a violent kind of way. She doesn’t deserve that but I’ll leave it in the hands of the Almighty Father. Now, I’ve lost four kids; three of them to violence and one of them, she was sick and the one that hurts me the most is this last one because I loved her with all my heart and I know she loved me too. She doesn’t deserve this way of dying because then she didn’t do anyone anything for her to die that way. I really want to give God thanks and I leave it all in his hands.”


“Love News spoke to the common-law-husband of the deceased, Russell Hyde.”


“I was in More Tomorrow Village having fun with my family and watching the horse race and when it was over about after 5pm, we left back to come home and on our way back home at the Guanacaste Park at the roundabout, I heard one shot and it hit my wife.  I just continued driving with her straight to the hospital and when we got there a little while after they pronounced her dead and all I got to say to the person that shot my wife is that he should ask God for forgiveness and God will forgive him and I think that is the right way to go because we have to put God first because he is first and he is the man that is running the whole world.  So, as bad as they say I am, I usually put God first.  So, I am telling them how to go the right way and ask God for forgiveness. I had to slow down a little because of the bumps but when I heard the shot I neglected the bump and sped off to the hospital. I tried my best and as I said that guy should ask God for forgiveness. That is all I have to say.”