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Woman Gets Shot in Armed Robbery

Three siblings were walking home in Belmopan when they were held up at gunpoint, resulting in one of them being shot.  Fem Cruz has the story.


“Belmopan police are investigating a non fatal shooting incident that has left a 22-year-old, woman of Maya Mopan Village hospitalized at the KHMH. According to the sister of the victim, Maria Choc, on Wednesday night December 2 some time around 8:30pm she along with her brother and sister were walking on the central walkway from the bus terminal to thier home in Maya Mopan and upon reaching behind the Social Security Building about 250 yards away from the Belmopan Police station they were approached by a male person armed with a gun and a mask over his face who demanded thier belongings.”


“I work at the Benque Resort and I normally come off the bus at 8:30pm and my sister and brother normally wait for me. After that we went home together and while we were walking on the walkway my sister was shot on her right leg. The person is 5 feet tall with dreads and mask over his face and the hood over his head. They didn’t steal anything , they only stole a bicycle. Right now she is well and she is feeling okay. I was frightened because I didn’t know what would happen to us because we normally walk on that walkway but we’ve never seen anything like that.”


“Love News spoke to a resident of Belmopan who often walks the walkway and wants to give advice.”


“I’m very sad to hear that news. I’d like to say that my family has also been victimized several time with robbery and assaults on the central walkways in Belmopan and I think that after 6pm in the evening that it’s better that you walk around the ring road because it’s much safer because this area is very dangerous.”