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Woman held up by intruder, fired by employer

And while Hendy went through a traumatic experience, she told us that was not the end of it, as after her boss reviewed the security tapes, he fired her.

Ebonni Hendy – Victim

“The reason I didn’t call the police is because I feared for my life. He threatened me and told me that if I contacted the police that he would come for me. We contacted the boss, we called two times and the boss didn’t answer. On the third time that is when he contacted us and let us know that we also needed to report it to the police. When I went to talk to the boss he said he wanted to see me concerning the matter. When I went he told me that he saw the tape and he believed that I was the one that set the person to come there. He dismissed me because of this incident.  I had never seen the person before, I told the police that the person seemed as if they did know the place, they seemed very familiarized with the place but I’ve never seen that person before.

She explained to us why her boss accused her of such act.

Ebonni Hendy – Victim

“He said that he believes it because he looked at the tape and I didn’t look frightened or scared about the matter but I’m not a person that shows a lot of emotion and I was scared but I tried to stay calm during the situation because the person had a knife, I didn’t want to be screaming and making a lot of noise because it was my life that was at stake. I don’t want the job back, I just want them to know how I feel and I want people to know what happened because they stated on the news and didn’t say any names or anything but I want people to know what I went through because it could have happened to anyone, unfortunately it happened to me.”

Hendy says she is now stuck because she has two young children to take care of.