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Woman murdered in Punta Gorda, one person detained

Punta Gorda Police have detained on man for questioning following the discovery of the body of a woman in that municipality.

Paul Mahung reporting…

“Officer on command Toledo Police Formation Superintendent Simeon Alvarez spoke of the incident.”

Supt. Simeon Alvarez, Officer in Charge Punta Gorda Police

“At around seven fifteen this morning, the police responded to an information of stench coming from  a house situated at the corner of Jose Maria Nunez Street and King Street. With the assistance of the personnel from the fire department, we managed to force open the burglar bar on the main door of the apartment. In the apartment, we saw the lifeless body of a female who was later identified to be Juana Cardinez Cowo, twenty nine years old, employee of the Labor Department, Punta Gorda Town.  It was observed that she had injuries to her head and was in the second room of the apartment. Yesterday around 3:45 pm, her ex common-law husband, Alberto Coleman, fifty five years old bus driver of Hopeville Area New Site Punta Gorda Town visited the Punta Gorda police station yesterday and made a missing person report where he reported that he had last seen Ms. Cowo at around 6:45 pm on Wednesday the first of July 2015 and after making several calls to her, no response from her. At the time when he visited the station, we also made calls to the particular phone that is owned by the deceased and there was no response to the phone so we decided with the family that visited the Punta Gorda station, that came all the way from Mango Creek this morning, we went all the way there and sad to note that we found the lifeless body of this young lady. At this time we have one suspect detained who we strongly believe can assist us in solving this heinous crime. At this time I would not like to call his name.

Paul Mahung, Love News

Hero Linarez who identified the body of his cousin also spoke of the situation

Hero Linarez, Cousin

Well yesterday the parent became concerned after Ms. Juana wasn’t answering her cellphone from the Wednesday night around seven o’clock. The young lady didn’t turn up at work, her coworkers were concerned because she was to open the office and she never arrived at the office at 8 to open. The mother didn’t have a number to the office so we didn’t get to know. The only contact person was the common law. So we arrived here at around seven thirty this morning at the police station, went to do follow up on report the gentleman made. We went to see if the young lady would show up at her work, we met one of her coworker this morning who took us here to her apartment we didn’t know where she lived and when we approached the room we got a stench and saw a lot of house flies and that wasn’t a good sign so we started to anticipate the worse and we went back to the station and told the officer in charge what we encountered here, they came immediately over and were quick to respond and proceeded with what they were supposed to do and we confirmed it was the young lady, she is believed to have been murdered on Wednesday night.

Paul Mahung, Love News

“Any signs of violence on the body?

Hero Linarez, Cousin

“Yes the whole body mainly in the face what I observed was that there was a lot of blood like they had a fight. There was a lot of blood in the room also so surely a murder. She looked like she suffered a lot before she passed.”

Paul Mahung, Love News

“The body of Juana Caridnez was taken during the day for post mortem in Belize City.”