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Woman picks up half a million dollars prize

Today fifty four year old Josephine Humes received a check for half a million dollars. It was handed over to her by Dillon Jones, the host of Mek Mi Rich game show and that’s because Humes won the five hundred thousand dollar jackpot. This is the first time since the game commenced over nine months ago that someone was lucky enough to win the jackpot. The presentation of the cheque was done at the Ramada Princess Hotel and Love News was there.

Dillon Jones, Mek Mi Rich

“Ms. Humes is the first big jackpot winner in the country of Belize. Mek Mi Rich started about nine months now and since when we started we’ve had the lucky grand winner on Thursday given away close to sixty thousand dollars and every time we go on the show we hope that we get a winner. Last week Thursday we did get a winner. Ms. Humes is the first person to win the biggest jackpot in the country of Belize, a half a million dollars. We always ask the question, what would you do if you win half a million dollars, despite the time it took and people saying I wonder if the game is real, this game is fake etc., well, the possibilities are real. Members of the press, we present to you, Ms. Humes.”

Josephine Humes, Jackpot winner

“I am so happy. First time I ever win something like this. First time. First thing, my house, can be house rent right now and then my grandson will just be starting to go to college.


“What was your reaction like when you heard the news?”

Josephine Humes, Jackpot winner

“Happy. I was happy. Happy. Happy. I didn’t know what to do with myself.”

After taxes, Humes takes home $425,000.00. The winning cool balls were 14, 13, 28, 30 and the hot ball was 03.