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Woman raped and robbed weeks after previous assault

A woman who had allegedly been assaulted 5 weeks ago, has reported to the police that since that incident, she had been robbed and raped. Alejandro Cowo, the Officer in Charge of C.I.B., for Belize City says the culprit allegedly stole eight thousand dollars.

ASP Alejandro Cowo:A 49 year old American student who resides in Vista Del Mar Ladyville reported that about 9 AM she was leaving her house onboard of her Wingle pickup when she noticed a male person of dark complexion with a machete standing beside her. A struggle ensued between them where the male person knocked her down and allegedly had sexual intercourse with her against her will and there after the male person made away with $8200 Belize currency that she had in her possession. We believe that yes she has an idea more or less who is the attacker and in reference to that I know that a male person was detained and I believe that an identification parade was conducted already and that male person has been charged. Police arrested and charged one Adam Meighan 31 years old Belizean of a Ladyville address for the crime of rape.”