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Woman recounts ordeal of being held up

Last week the Belize Police Department issued an advisory for the public, especially business owners and security firms to be on alert. This followed two reports of individuals posing as police officers and gaining access to establishments.  One of the reported incidents was made by Ebonni Hendy who was employed at Harpy Security on Antelope Street in Belize City. Hendy recounted the experience.

Ebonni Hendy – Victim

“ I was a dispatcher there and I had reported for duty on Tuesday night at 10pm. My supervisor had left and told me that he was going to drop one of the dispatchers and while he left a person came to the window and he stated that he was the police and that he came to check the place and he had on police uniform any everything. I thought that he was a police so I had him enter, when he entered he went behind the door and he put a knife to my throat and he had his hands around me and he stated that he had been watching the location for the past couple days and if I said anything that he would come for me. He said he knew my family.”

Hendy says she believes the perpetrator might have been indeed watching the business because he seemed familiar with the layout of the building.

Ebonni Hendy – Victim

“He led me to a door where we have our storage, the cleaning supplies and he was asking questions about what was in there. He had his faced turned to the side but I did manage to see his face but he didn’t have anything covering his face. He asked me about the first room where we keep our weapons. I told him that I didn’t have the key for that room because we were not allowed to go there and he said that I was lying. At that time he was getting arrogant and I thought he was going to do something to me. He went back to where the cleaning supplies were and he told me to make sure that I shouldn’t tell the police because he knows where my family is. Shortly he quickly left the building and he ran. I contacted my supervisor and told him what happened and he said he was on his way. When he came I contacted my boss and sent him a text message and she did not respond. When my supervisor came he told me that we needed to report it to the police.

The Police advisory urges the public to seek confirmation by calling 911 or the police precinct in your area.