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Woman Says Police on Caye Caulker Are Disrespectful

A woman on Caye Caulker is outraged at the treatment and lack of professionalism that officers on the island have been displaying.  According to Suzanne Blease, she was in a golf cart last night just after midnight with her spouse, 29-year-old, Kevin Welch when they were intercepted by the police.  She spoke to Love News on that incident.


“Me and my husband left from work around 12 and we went by the Reggae Bar just to take a circle because they close them down early last night so we were at the lane just waiting there for a vehicle while we went home and the police circled around and we moved a little bit because we were sort of in the middle of the street  so we kind of moved to the side and they circled around and came back again and when my husband saw that he drove away because he didn’t want any problems with them. They started to follow us and speeding at us and then the police pulled out his gun and pointed at my husband and pointed at my husband and asked my husband “didn’t you hear us tell you to stop?”. He jumped out of the car and both of them dragged my husband out of the golf cart and started to search him and that is when I started to record I didn’t record the part where he pointed his gun at him, I missed that part. They didn’t find anything on him and they still took us to the station because they said that they have to search me. We went, they didn’t find anything on us but the insurance on my golf cart is up so they arrested and charged him for that and locked him up overnight. The one that I videoed he was really disrespectful. Just the way he spoke to us and the way he took stuff out of my husband’s pocket and threw it on the ground, you can’t do things like that but they don’t like my husband and worse is when I posted that video on Facebook it made it worse. Every time they see him they harass him.”

Blease went on to tell us of a second incident that happened less than an hour after their incident, involving a Belize City resident, 26-year-old, Harry Joseph.  She says that Joseph, who reportedly is a former soldier of the Belize Defense Force, was assaulted by the officers and she says she has the pictures to prove it.


Harry Joseph“Well he said that he was walking home, this was like after our incident happened. Our incident happened between 12:30 and 1:00, and my friend said that it happened to him around 1:30 and 2:00 this morning. He said that he was walking and they stopped and searched him and they didn’t find anything on him so they left and then he was walking to the hotel that he was staying at and he said that they circled around and saw him there and they dragged him and they demanded that he take them to his room because they wanted to search it. I think he kind of put on a struggle with them and that is when the corporal started to beat him. They punched him in his eye, they grabbed his wind pipe and started to squeeze it, he said that he could barely breath and they started to kick and punch him. After that he said he gave in and told them to go into his room. They found a little roach and they took him and charged him for that and locked him up for the night. He is from Belize City but he comes out here to sell bead jewelry so he is always around on the island  and people know him  on the island, he is not a troubled person or anything.”

Love News tried contacting the Caye Caulker Police Station earlier today but the phone was constantly busy.