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Crime & Police News

Woman Shot outside Kraal Road Home

About two dozen shots were fired at a home Kraal Road at 8:30 p.m. on Monday night. Minutes before the shooting, children and adults were socializing outside the bungalow. When the gunman fled the area, one woman, 49 years old was shot outside her door. Love News was on the scene and spoke to relatives of the injured woman about her chances of recover.

Jose Sanchez: “The area surrounding Kraal Road has substantial police presence but that did not stop a gunman from spraying bullets at a home on Monday night injuring forty-nine-year-old Kathia Williams. Her niece says it happened a few minutes before 8 pm when most family members had either dispersed the area or gone inside the home.”

Niece of Victim: “Well, I heard gunshots and then I heard my cousin screaming out. Afterwards, everyone ran out. My aunt said he got shot and thing done.”

Jose Sanchez: “How many shots did you hear more or less?

Niece of Victim: 21.”

Jose Sanchez: “Where was your aunt at the time?”

Niece of Victim: “Outside by the fridge.”

Jose Sanchez: “Do you know how many shots she received, how is she doing right now?”

Niece of Victim: Two I think and kind of good.”

Jose Sanchez: “How many kids does your aunt have and how are they handling it?

Niece of Victim: “Three and they are handling it really rough.”

Shane – Son of Victim: There is a lot of children in the yard, it is a large family. A lot of young parents in the yard as well so at any given time there could be ten to fifteen people around that area. From what I understand it was just open fire. If they were around that area many people would have been injured but my sister told me that my mother chased everyone from in front of the yard just fifteen minutes before so if she didn’t do that it would have been a different situation. It would have been much worse so unfortunately she was injured but thank god that it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.”

Jose Sanchez:“ The son of the shooting victim Shane says that his mother is going to recover from her wounds.

Shane – Son of Victim: Well, my mother was shot twice, once to the left side of the chest and once to the abdomen. The gunshot wound to the chest went in and out so it went directly through the breast so she is fortunate that it didn’t damage any vital organs. They shot her to the abdomen, damaged her small intestine and ovary so the medical team had to do emergency surgery to repair that. I would like to thank Dr. Mungia and his team for that life-saving operation and right now she is in the ICU and she is expected to recover from the injuries.”

Jose Sanchez: “There are a few well known rivaling groups in the area and Kathia Williams was collateral damage to the groups. Shane William says the family wants peace.

Shane – Son of Victim: The area where our house is located is difficult for police to patrol that area because it is really a triangular area and we have gangs on every corner of that area so at any given time if someone wants to take the opportunity to do evil, they will be able to do evil. My main concern is that the individuals in our area do not retaliate. We do not want any retaliation and we do not want any escalation, we want the community to relax. We want it to end right here, no retaliation and no escalation. That is our goal to try to get to the individuals who live around the area and tell them to please relax and don’t try to retaliate, we don’t want that.”

Jose Sanchez for Love News.

Williams says the doctors haven’t given a timeline for his mother’s recovery. One of the bullets injured her leg and she is unable to move it. She will require physical therapy after she is released from the local hospital.

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