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Woman shot while riding home

The weekend proved to be brutal for another Belize City resident. Early Saturday morning after midnight, a woman was gunned down as she was trying to go home. Jose Sanchez reports on the violence that followed the woman home.

Jose Sanchez: “The police indicated an argument at a restaurant on Mahogany Street on Friday night that almost proved fatal for Dawn Parchue. “

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “She was at a restaurant where there was an altercation between her, a friend and another person that was inside of the restaurant. That is from where the incident occured and then it went on to Croton Lane.”

Jose Sanchez:She rode her bike onto Croton Lane but when she reached the coconut tree her assailant withdrew a firearm. Her aunt who wished to appear off camera filled the details.”

Aunt: “The incident happened around twelve or minutes to twelve. She got shot five times; I think four in the abdomen and one in the leg. It was Friday night up the street from here.”

Jose Sanchez: “Parshue’s family was sitting on this varanda and they were in disbelief when she road home and told them she got shot. “

Aunt:When after she got shot she ride come from way down there to front here and told us she got shot but we thought she was joking and her mom tell her to stop playing and she said it was true I got shot and a boy was with her; because after that you know when you see the blood on the bike and thing then we realize that she got shot. Same time the Policemen they pulled up and when the Policeman pulled up they were asking if it was the boy that ran and if he did it? I told them to take her because she has to go to hospital right away so they jump in the car and they rush her to the hospital and thing. It was critical but thank God she is stable and doing better. She is talking and moving about.”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “Police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they observed Dawn Parchue of Croton Lane. She was seen suffering with five apparent gunshot wounds to the body: four to the chest area and one to the right foot.“

Reporter: “Any suspects?”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “Police is seeking one male person at this moment.”