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Woman Shot and survives

There was a shooting incident in Toledo over the weekend. The victim was with two friends on the street when she was shot. Quick police work led to the apprehension and arrest of two suspects. Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Myvett gave the details to the media.

ACP Police Joseph Myvette: One Renita Jackson along with two other person were standing at the street corner when shortly before 9pm when they were approached by two male persons riding separate bicycles who fired several shots in their direction; one of which caught Ms. Jackson in her right hip.  Police have since conducted an investigation and have since arrested and charged Andel Aviles, 23 year old laborer of Punta Gorda Town and Luis Barrias, 18 years laborer of Punta Gorda Town for two counts of attempted murder, two counts of use of deadly harm and one count of wounding. So far the weapons used have not been recovered.  Police investigation into this matter is still ongoing.

Reporter: Was Renita the target?

ACP Police Joseph Myvette: We do not know as there were two other individuals along with her.

ACP Myvette says the individuals who were with the victim were known to the police.