Woman Stabbed by an Ex-Lover

Woman Stabbed by an Ex-Lover

A young mother of three was brutally stabbed this morning by her ex-lover.  The situation unfolded on a feeder road just off the George Price Highway near the Belize Foam Factory.  Love News understands that 27-year-old, Jasmine Aguilar, had recently moved to the neighborhood with her common-law-husband, and was waiting for a taxi when the attack happened.  An eyewitness, who asked to be unnamed, told Love News that he had seen the assailant drinking alcohol from early this morning. 

Eyewitness: “This morning I saw the gentleman was drinking, he was drinking all sorts of stuff. He was drinking, Cuellos, Stout, Belikin Beer and we didn’t know what he was up to but eventually at the end when we saw like maybe thirty minutes after he was dragging a young lady all over the place and she got hit in the neck by a knife so many times so that was it.”

Reporter: Do you know if she lives around this area ?

Eyewitness:  “No I don’t know any of them. He inflicted it.”

Reporter: Did you see perhaps how she might have arrived to the hospital ? If anyone took her ? 

Eyewitness:  “Yes one taxi guy did take her.”

Reporter: Did anyone perhaps try to help her ? 

Eyewitness:  “Yes a lot of people came to assist.”

Reporter: And did anyone put her in the taxi ? Did she put herself ? 

Eyewitness:  “No a guy came to rescue her, the taxi guy came to rescue her and put her in the taxi and he took her to the hospital right away and then the police came after and they handcuffed him.”

The investigation into Aguilar’s attack is still young, but our newsroom understands that the Police had considerable help in nabbing the attacker.  We understand that employees of Leslie’s Imports had come to the woman’s aid and were able to detain the assailant until the Police arrived.  According to the Police Commissioner, Chester Williams, they also received assistance from a former cop.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “And the weapon used to do the stabbing was also recovered thanks to a former police officer who was in the area and he detained the common law and retrieved the weapon used and handed him and the weapon over to the police. So thanks to that good Samaritan who was at the right place at the right time and was able to do the interception.”

Reporter: Did this officer somewhat prevent a life from being lost  ?

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Ex officer and certainly yes his actions could be deemed as heroic in terms of what he did intervening and detaining the suspect and taking possession of the weapon that was being used.”

Reporter: It escalated from a domestic dispute.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Yes it’s a domestic issue.”

We spoke with Aguilar’s spouse, late this evening, who told us that the woman is expected to make a full recovery and is conscious, but in a lot of pain.

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