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Woman Stabbed by Robber in Belize City

A woman is hospitalized after being stabbed by a robber in Belize City. Around eight forty on Saturday night, 28-year-old Kerry Esquivel was near an open lot across from Celebrity Restaurant when she was approached by two men. The men reportedly demanded Esquivel hand over her motorcycle and that’s when a struggle ensued which resulted in Esquivel being stabbed. Police spokesperson, ASP Fitzroy Yearwood shared more details on the incident.

ASP. Fitzroy Yearwood, Public Relations, Belize Police Department: “She reported that on Saturday the 8th of January sometime around 8:40 PM she was on Newtown Barracks when she was approached by two men who attempted to take away her motorcycle. She bravely took out a pepper spray where she managed to spray one of them but the other managed to stab her somewhere in the abdomen area. But both assailants an off she couldn’t see in which direction because of course she was suffering at that time period she managed to drive her cycle to another business establishment where she was assisted to the cage where she received treatment. She did not say whether or not she was talking to anyone she just stated that the police that she was on marine parade. I am certain that investigators have followed her information so far and by the end of the day we would know the full details of it. I know that while it was an act of bravery she was still hurt and it’s very dangerous when you don’t know the full intent of your assailants to retaliate but like I said she tried her best to protect her property and her life. I’m not the one to go out there and tell everybody to try this because she was fortunate and I’m very happy for that but we wouldn’t want anyone to believe that these pepper spray or weapons and go out there and endanger self.”

According to ASP Yearwood, police will ramp up patrols in the area to prevent these types of crimes.

ASP. Fitzroy Yearwood, Public Relations, Belize Police Department: “My best advice to people like I said your safety begins with you. If I know that certain areas are dark and secluded I prefer not to be in that area at certain hours of the day. We have our patrols out there but like everything else the criminals time the patrols just like how we the police try to time the criminals so you making yourself an obvious target it’s very difficult for us because while we would want to have police stationed on marine parade we have a whole area to patrol along the seaside and we try our best to have our motorcycle patrols in that area, we have our foot patrol, we even have a stationary patrol posted somewhere along somewhere around Golden Bay to try to deter these crimes from happening but like I said criminals look for opportunities and when that opportunity arises they pounce on it. That’s the way they survive by stealing people and then endangering people’s lives. I am not to be blamed if you are targeted but you must know where your safety lies. If you put yourself out there knowing that let’s say no police presence then you are making yourself a target. I am not sending you out there to or telling you that you shouldn’t enjoy areas of pleasure because I am guilty of that sometimes. Sometimes you get tired of being locked up in the house but I am saying if I go to a secluded area and I see that there is no other person around and even if the other people around you don’t know who they are or what’s their intent I would just be on high alert.”