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Woman Tour Guide Charged for Assaulting Cop

Twenty-three year old Lynden Jones, a Tour Guide residing at Mahogany Heights, who was allegedly involved in a misunderstanding with a police officer, was charged with wounding, assaulting a police officer and using insulting words when she appeared today before Magistrate Deborah Rogers. Jones pled not guilty to the charges. She was released on a bail of one thousand eight hundred dollars and her case was adjourned until September 8. The incident occurred around 6:40 p.m. on June 12 at a village council election. Police Constable Geban reported that he was working at the election when he saw a man speed by him on a motorcycle. He said he pursued the motorcyclist and when he caught up with him, he purposely drove off. Geban said he pursued the motorcyclist a second time and caught up with him again. He said the motorcyclist refused to cooperate with him and a woman, who apparently was with the cyclist, bit him on his right middle finger and hurled insulting words at him then picked up a rock and attempted to throw it at him. Geban said the woman then picked up a bottle but she was subdued and the bottle was taken away from her. She was then detained and taken into custody and charged.