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Woman wanted in connection with Murder

But a few miles away, before sunrise, a Belize City resident was killed.

This morning a body was discovered this morning after five thirty about seven hundred yards on a dirt road near the Haulover Bridge. The body was later identified as that of a Belize City man, Samuel Elias Zelada Cosme, a construction worker. Cosme’s murder occurred during the night when he was socializing.  The police say they are looking for the woman who was his companion on Sunday night.

Asp Alejandro Cowo: Ladyville police acting upon information visited a road that is near the Haul over bridge just before entering Belize City and about 300 yards inside of the road Police found suspected blood on the street, they also found grey in color short pants, a pair of slippers and a blue in color cap. A further distance of about another 400 meters police found a red in color Ford Ranger pickup Belize city license plate abandoned and about 400 meters opposite the pickup the motionless body of a male person with several stab wounds to the Chest, to the abdomen,  to the back and to the left side of his hand. The male person has just been identified by a family member as that of Samuel Ellias Selada Cosley of a Mahogany street address. The last time he was seen alive was sometime yesterday when a family member in the Mahogany Street extension area. All what they have gathered so far is that he was socializing with some friends and he told them he was going to visit some workers in the Ladyville area, specifically by Lords bank area and that was the last time they heard from him.

 Reporter: Sir we understood that police may be looking for one person in connection with this gentleman found killed. Is that accurate?

Asp Alejandro Cowo: Yes we are looking specifically for a female person that we believe was in the company of him.