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Woman Wants An End to Abuse Against Her

Belize City resident, Shauna Gillett has had enough of her ex common law husband. She says he has been threatening her. Gillett has taken out a restraining order against him but it seems that even that will not stop him from abusing her. Just recently, she says he attacked her in public. Gillett decided to tell her story to the media today as a last resort with the hopes that something would be done.


“He approached me and he pushed me in my chest very hard and caused me to fall backward into the sea and when I fell back I think I hit my head on a rock. I have a massive swelling in my head and from there I don’t remember anything else. According to the people I was with they informed me that someone from the night club ran out and took me out the river and that is how they got help for me. The reason why I came is because this the second time in less than a month that I have two cases pending. He recently has two cases pending one that happened in December and one that happened on New Years Day when he attacked me and I have a restraining order against him and I am not getting any kind of justice. He keeps on coming out on bail and I just need to ask for help to get justice for this because this is happening over and over and nothing is happening to him and one of the witnesses that were out there with me informed that he threatened them and told them that he knew that the person went to give a witness statement; I don’t know how he got inside word but the reason why I’ve come out here is because I’m asking for help to get justice for this because this keeps happening over and over and I’ve had enough and it’s been so long since I’ve left him and he can’t understand and I’ve had enough of it.”

Gillett says she is consulting with attorneys for advice on how to proceed with the matter.