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Woman Wants Grand-Daughter Safe From Alleged Rapist

The heart wrenching stories of children being molested and raped are being more and more publicized as children, as timid as they may be at times, are embracing their rights.  Today we met a grandmother, who is distraught after hearing that her 13-year-old granddaughter was raped at the age of ten by a man who once again violated her a few weeks ago.  The grandmother’s purpose of coming to the media is not to have the child’s story told but to seek help in getting custody of her granddaughter.  According to her, she raised that granddaughter since she was 9 months old when the mother neglected the baby … but then five years later the mother returned for the child and took her away, leaving the child to another family.


“The child was with me since she was nine months old. I took her to the clinic and they sent me to the emergency room and the child’s mother never came to find out what was going on. Only my son came to the hospital to ask for the child. I had the child for five years and then suddenly the mother came and took her away from me. She took the child to the ladies who continued to raise her. Then I found out that the child was back in Belize because they had taken them back to Guatemala.  I had the right to see her because I am her grandmother but they would not allow me to see her. I went to the family court and a man told me that I had no right to see the child because I was only the grandmother.  I heard the child went missing and I went to investigate what was happening. I was told that she was missing for two days. On Sunday police contacted me and told me that the child wants to stay with me. I asked her where she was and she told me that she ran away and was hiding out in Corozalito. The child is now thirteen but she told me that the man had first raped her when she was ten and since she turned thirteen the man raped her again so she ran away when they sent her to go and buy. All I want is justice.”

As we mentioned, the grandmother wants justice but most importantly she wants her granddaughter safe.  She asked us to appeal to the authorities to please intervene in this matter and help her bring her 13-year-old granddaughter to safety.