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Woman who washed up on Hopkins been remains unidentified

Police are still trying to identify the woman who was found dead on a beach in Hopkins Village last week. The woman’s body washed up in an advanced state of decomposition. Today police say that they have been able to trace her final steps at least two days before she was found dead.

Acp Joseph Myvett Head C.I.B.: Police responded to an information of a body on the beach shortly after 6:30 am where a female was found dressed in a Khaki blouse and green short pants who up to this point remains unidentified. A post mortem was conducted on the said date which reveal that the results are consistent with drowning. Our investigation also reveal that a resident of Hopkins was visited on June 20th by the deceased who requested assistance and was given clothing and food and thereafter left and that was the last time she was seen alive. According to the witness that was spoken to, she is a foreigner.

Reporter: Has police be able to establish with the immigration when she arrived since she is a foreigner?

Acp Joseph Myvett Head C.I.B.: We are looking into  that but at the time there was absolutely no form of identification on the body.

Reporter: And the area where she was found, was it a residential area, the body was decomposing right?

Acp Joseph Myvett Head C.I.B.: This was in the southern part of Hopkins on the beach.

Anyone who can assist in identifying the woman is asked to call the nearest police station.