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Woman’s Manslaughter Conviction Upheld by Appeals Court

An appeal by 44 year old Rosallia Castillo, who was charged with murder but was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 12 years, was dismissed today by Belize Court of Appeal. Castillo’s conviction and sentence were affirmed. On December 22, 2014 in a trial that was without jury, Justice Antonette Moore found Castillo guilty of manslaughter at Belmopan Supreme Court. In December 2012, Castillo had fatally stabbed her lady lover, 34 year old Pamela Perez. Perez, a mother of three, was stabbed multiple times in what was apparently a crime of passion. According to the evidence, the couple, who had been living together for about two years, had an argument over money and that it is believed was what led to the stabbing.