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Women of the Methodist Church Converge in Southern Belize

A weekend retreat for women of Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas- Belize Honduras District was held in Punta Gorda. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports.


“The retreat included indoor and outdoor sessions focusing on various areas of interest for women, personal, educational and spiritual development and role in the Methodist Church as explained by Vice President of the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and Americas Jennifer Smith.”


“Over the weekend the women of the MCCAW met to celebrate under the theme Chosen People Called to Proclaim. We feel that God has chosen us to do his bidding because of this we think it is our responsibility to proclaim the good news that God is alive and with him all things are possible. Some 80 plus women drawn from the length and breadth of the Methodist Church in the Belize Honduras District met at the Punta Gorda Methodist School. Activities included bible study where we reflected spiritually on the theme. We had a session on health and wellness where we look at our aging population and the best way we could be of help and support. We looked at aging with dignity, included also was a cultural night where the women were able to see what the Toledo district had to offer. A highlight was a visit along the Jalacte Highway where the women were able to go all the way almost to Jalacte and then after turning back they were able to visit the church in Mafredi hence being able to be a part of where the Methodist communities are located. The Forest Home congregation was the area where they decided to do the closing activity. At that session the entire Toledo circuit met to celebrate the culmination of a very successful event in the life of the Methodist Church.”


“Participants from Methodist Churches from other districts of Belize and Honduras expressed gratitude to the volunteer group of women of Punta Gorda Methodist Church who were outstanding in hospitality and execution of administrative plans for the retreat.”