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Women in Security Policy soon to be rolled out

Minister of National Security, John Saldivar, says that a Women in Security Policy will be completed this year. He shared the news on Wednesday at the Belize Police Department’s Women’s Conference, which was attended by female police officers from across the country. In that force alone, which is a little over two thousand strong, 20 percent are women. Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, who also attended the opening of the conference, said the department is looking to not only be more inclusive of female officers, but more importantly, to propel them into the top ranks of the department. Minister John Saldivar says the Ministry of National Security is seeking to do just that in all security forces. Dalila Ical reports.

Minister of National Security JOhn Saldivar: “Within the Ministry of National Security there are many women who are rising leaders, women who are actively involved in building and transforming the security forces and making the decisions in citizens security that impact our daily lives.”

Dalila Ical: “But the overall rise of women to the top ranks within the National Security Forces remains slow. Minister of National Security John Saldivar says it is something that the Ministry has sought to improve on through policies reflecting inclusivity, equity, respect for all and gender balance.”

Minister of National Security John Saldivar: “In 2016 the Belize Coast Guard conducted a comprehensive review of its internal strategic policies with the objective to incorporate a gender balanced approach to achieving this mission. Like wise in 2018 the Ministry conducted a series of multi stakeholder consultations to inform the development of the women in the security policy, the first of its kind. Not only in Belize but in Central America and the Caribbean. This policy aims to empower women to become equal partners in the development of a prosperous and stable Belize. The policy is expected to be completed this summer. The truth is that women still face a lot of resistance and they endeavour to shatter glass ceilings, climb corporate ladders and break free from socially regressive stigmas and stereotypes. Women are still underrepresented in leadership roles.”

Dalila Ical: “Commissioner of Police Chester Williams says significant strides have been made within the Belize Police Department.”

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: “While the strength of the Department stands at 2100 we have 293 females representing 20% of the Departments strength. That is well above the internationally acceptable standard which is 15%. Of the 20 % female population we currently have 18% that are in leadership positions either Corporal to the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police. For the first time in the history of the Department we have three Senior Superintendents who are female officers.”

Dalila Ical: “Commissioner Williams says that the shifts is a show of the Department to show the leadership capabilities of women.”

Minister of National Security John Saldivar: “ I believe that the value of the women in peace and security is not only valuable but critical and the infusion of women into the national security realm not only adds to the diversity of the skills needed to get the job done but also the inclusion of balance used to address security challenges is the best path way to finding the right solutions to address complex social issues.”

Dalila Ical: “Minister Saldivar echoed the importance of this. Dalila Ical Love News.”

There are approximately 40 women presently enlisted in the Belize Coast Guard. Since July of last year, there were approximately seventy women in the Belize Defense Force.