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Women Shot in Cayo, one Murdered

A young mother is dead and another is recovering in the hospital after they were shot last night in Santa Elena Town, Cayo District.  25-year-old, Brenda Castellanos passed away during surgery at the Western Regional Hospital while 35-year-old, Jennis August is listed as stable at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.  The two women were socializing with family members and their children in a yard on Bishop Martin Street just after seven o’clock when a gunman, dressed in black, emerged from behind the yard, fired multiple shots at the group and escaped through an alley onto Salazar Street.  Police recovered 11nine-millimeter expended shells at the scene and currently has a butcher of a Santa Elena Town detained for questioning.  Love News understands that last night’s incident may have stemmed from an altercation that occurred in a sports bar in San Ignacio Town a few weeks ago.  Cayo correspondent Pauline Soberanis Tillett reports.

Pauline Tillet: “Last night just after 8 o’clock friends and neighbors Brenda Castellanos 25 years old and Janice August 35 year old were sitting in their yard located on Bishop Martin St. in Santa Elena Town talking, laughing and wrapping Christmas gifts while watching Castellanos’ 2 year old baby beaming with excitement as he played with bows and ribbons. Little did they know that tragedy was about the strike as a lone gunman dressed in dark clothes started firing as much as ten shots from behind the yard. When it was over Brenda Castellanos received multiple shots to her body while August was shot once to her chest. Love News spoke with the murder victim’s uncle Javier Castellano.

Javier Castellano: “My sister received the call first, she was the one who received the call because it was my sister’s daughter. She was a great person, very fun loving girl, always smiling and very friendly with everyone. The details were sketchy and we don’t know exactly what had happened just that she had been injured by a gunshot but we didn’t know the details. No need to use violence ad furthermore it’s two women. Why two women? I don’t know is the cause that cause it but why my niece or why two women?  Why attack two women like that violently?”

Pauline TIllet: A friend of Brenda Castellanos said that she was shocked when she heard the news. “

Friend: ”Because we always communicate and it’s really unbelievable and yes I didn’t know Brenda for a long while but we would always come by her house and talk and socialize as friends so when I heard of this one that she passed away it made us really heartbroken because you know in her own yard that they shot her and they took her life innocently. God isn’t sleeping right, God isn’t sleeping and whoever did this to them it’s really rough because I mean come on you are in your own yard socializing and for them to just come and shoot you in your yard it’s sad because you know accident happens yes but then its rough because we always used to be here with the August family and hanging out together and it’s really sad.

Pauline Tillet: “They were both rushed to the Western Regional Hospital where Castellanos died on arrival and August is listed in stable condition. We were told that while the shots were being fired Castellanos huddled over baby saving his life, Police are investigation. I am Pauline Soberanis TiIlett Love News Cayo Correspondent.”