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Women’s conference wraps up in the Cayo District

Fem Cruz reporting…

“Hearts of Christ Children’s Ministry located in the Hallelujah Hill area of Roaring Creek Village headed their sixth annual Women’s Bible Conference 2017 under the theme, Come rest in the joy of the Lord.” Mary Hayes, the coordinator spoke to Love News about the three day conference.”


Mary Hayes – Coordinator

“We ended up having 173 women total, it has just been an absolute blessing there has just been so many women come out and be blessed by the lord and we’ve been able to give away different items and different bags and things and we’ve been able to bless the women and we have seen so many come and ask for God to touch and to move and we’ve had several to rededicate their lives and to come back to the lord and God is just really blessing them.

Fem Cruz

“Tell us how this conference will help you in your spiritual walk.”


“For these three day conference this was a blessing to me. Me as a woman, a single woman a single parent we go through a lot and the three days that I came I just left everything in God’s hands and left it at the cross because we alone can’t do everything but through God we can do everything so this was a blessing to me.


“First of all I would like to say thanks to the US team that came and shared with us, I was excited about the team because God does make a difference in the lives of us as women because we have to learn to rest in the lord because so many times we are so busy we are doing things and never find time to rest in the lord and spend time with the Lord.”