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Women’s Day: “Balance for Better”

Tomorrow is being observed as International Women’s Day, which is being celebrated under the theme “Balance for Better”.  The significance of the day is to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world.  Love news spoke with Cynthia Williams, Executive Director of the National Women’s Commission, who said that women have made remarkable strides, but still continue to struggle in some areas.

Cynthia Williams Executive Director National Women’s Commission: “When you look at the opportunities for women to access education I think it has been one of the biggest areas where many years ago there are girls who were not allowed that opportunity so I think I see that as one of the areas. The involvement of women in the workplace also is something that we can say has been an improvement as well where we are finding women in a variety of areas where otherwise they might not have been. The fact that now even though it is still marginal or still small numbers we are finding women who are being employed in male generated or male dominated areas so I think in terms of employment, in terms of education and when you look at the aspects of art and the contributions particularly that they are making to the arts, to sports they can also speak to some of the achievements.”

The National Women’s Commission was established to act as a catalyst for women’s empowerment.

Cynthia Williams Executive Director National Women’s Commission: And so as a Commissioner being ran by a board of persons who basically volunteered their time we are able to coordinate with the different stakeholders. Two of the main guiding documents that we utilize in everything that we do and serve as a vision or a strategic process in which we need to follow is the National gender policy and the National gender based plan of action. Those two documents highlight strategies and efforts that need to be implemented within the community through the work of various government departments as well as non governmental organizations and so what we do is we liaise and we provide a space on the platform for stakeholders to come together via the national gender and gender based violence committee that has representation of these bodies. Additionally we also provide that space at the district level through the district gender and Gender Based Violence Committee because often there is a disconnect so by having both the national and the district committees the new commission is able to really look at the realities of people and the impact of issues of gender inequality and equality that they have in their lives and to find out what are some concrete steps that needed to be taken for them to be able to access services that will improve their life at that level.”

There are activities scheduled for the entire month.