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Women’s Department targets men during 16 Days of Activism

Organizers of the Sixteen Days of Activism target men. In the West, the Women’s Department will be holding a forum for men, who are key in addressing gender based violence against women and girls. Eileen Serrano, the Women’s Development Officer for the Women’s Department told us more.

Eileen Serrano, Womens Department Officer: “On November 25th we launched the 16 days of activism under the Women’s Department. The 16 days of Activism is a campaign held countrywide through the Women’s Department and Women’s Commission partnering with the Special Envoy where we have different activities to end gender based violence against women and girls. In the Cayo district I will be having a men’s forum next week Wednesday December 5th at the San Ignacio, Santa Elena conference room from 9am to 1pm, it is open to males because we will be discussing healthy relationships, social norms and men as perpetrators. What we identified at the women’s department most perpetrators in statistics are male so we are trying to target males have have them get a different point of view when it comes to gender based violence against women and girls. There is help you just have to find the information and know the resources that are available because we do have officers in each district that are able to help any person living in violence; if they don’t have the information then they should know the information, know the types of orders they can apply for through the family court or magistrate’s court in Belize City as well as develop a safety plan if they decide to leave so they know what to do and where to go and who to go to for help. To some of them do not suffer in silence that is why the theme for this year is #hearmetoo.”