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Women’s group receives donation

Fruit drying production equipment and a building were handed over to a women’s group in the Toledo District.

Paul Mahung reporting…

The processing center and equipment were handed over on Friday afternoon to members of Toledo Women’s’ Food Security Company by TIDE Executive Celia Mahung.

Celia Mahung – TIDE Executive Director

“We handed over a food drying facility which is a concrete building on the tide compound along with equipment such as solar driers and materials needed to begin food drying and processing to this newly formed women’s group called the Toledo Women Food Security Company Limited. The value of the investment is over $50,000 and it was made possible through a grant from MarFund and the German Cooperation that was specifically for strengthening community fishing groups that buffer the Port Honduras Marin Reserve. Most women in this group fish or are associated with fishing families and when we advertised this project for women of fishing families to participate in this supplemental project ten women quickly took advantage of the opportunity, attended long hours of training and formed their group. It is intended that this food drying facility will help supplement the income of these families and that this ground would grow with additional membership.

Paul Mahung – Love News

“During the handing over ceremony chairlady of the Toledo Women Food Security Company Limited Anna Ramirez expressed words of gratitude.

Anna Ramirez

“I want to say a big thankyou to the donors and especially to TIDE who had chosen us to be a part of this group and for helping us and also we give thanks to Mr. Jack for training us and teaching us a lot of things while he was training us and once more I want to say thanks because right now we have already dried some fruits like pineapple, mango and bananas.

Paul Mahung, Love News

Training in various aspects of fruit drying production was done by Jack Knightingale.

Jack Knightingale – Facilitator

“The trainings have been multiple, we’ve done the basic food drying training, learning how to handle fruits, how to was them and keep things clean, how to keep yourself clean when you’re doing that work, setting the fruit out, how thick you should set the fruit out. For these direct driers out here we haven’t yet worked with the indirect dryer but that’s going to come up and of course they learn the use of knives and they learnt the use of cutting boards and they have the stainless tables and they learn a number of things of that sort. They have to take food handlers, they have to do business training so we put them through basic book keeping, we put them through conflict resolution, many different trainings of that sort where business is involved.

Paul Mahung – Love News

The fruit drying center along with equipment along with direct and indirect driers are located at TIDE compound.