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Women’s Month: Power to the Military Women

Today sees the end of Women’s Month where several events taking place over the last four weeks ranging from empowerment sessions to trainings and workshops.  This past Wednesday saw twenty two women awarded from various parts of the country for their outstanding performance as mothers, career women, community role models and/or mentors.  One aspect that the US Embassy highlighted yesterday was the participation of women in the military field.  Love News spoke with Acting US Ambassador to Belize, Adrienne Galanek in this regard.

Love News was at one of the three Beyond the Horizon projects where we got to speak with the two women who are heading the construction and medical units.

One event that went under the radar over the course of Women’s Month was the first annual photo exhibit at Wesley Church which took place on March 8.  It was an award event that highlighted the contribution of eight women who have contributed to the Methodist Church and was dubbed, Wesley’s 8.  The program was the brainchild of Annmarie Williams who is a member of the Methodist Church and the Executive Director for the National Women’s Commission.  Five of the eight awards were posthumously done in honor of Sister Amy Leslie, Floss Cassassola, Kathleen Frazer, Margaret Collins and Eudora Staine-Pitts.  The other three awards were given to Myrna Pitts, Cynthia Henkis and Alice Locke.  Women’s Month was celebrated under the theme, Empowering Women in a Changing World: Planet 50:50.