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Women’s Month theme: “Hashtag Press for Progress”

Belize has been celebrating International Women’s Day in March since 1970; however, in recent times the entire month is celebrated. This year’s theme is “Hashtag Press for Progress”. Love news spoke with Taheerah Usher, the Interim Human Development Officer who said that during the month women’s progress is celebrated as well as a time to re-focus on their goals.

Taheerah Usher, Interim Human Development Officer

“Not only are we celebrating, we are also going to reflect on what progress we have made thus far, and as well what things we have to put in place so we can continue to progress. We want to move forward, we want to push forward to achieve gender parity. For us, it is a time to keep motivated and continue with this global movement for us to have advocacy, activism, and support towards bringing women’s issues to light. The major activities will be the 20,000 strong in collaboration with the Special Envoy for Women and Children and the annual National Women’s Award Ceremony.”

Activities are planned for the entire month.