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Women’s Parliamentary Caucus calls out Plus TV’s Louis Wade for comments

“Offensive, disrespectful [and] discriminatory”. That’s what the Women’s Parliamentarians Caucus has described the comments made by Pastor Louis Wade of Plus TV. Wade made the comments on his morning show in July in a discussion about nation-building. The caucus says that it has been two weeks since the remark was made and there has yet to be a retraction. They argue that Wade’s comments also quote “continues the patriarchal narrative that women are weaker than men” adding quote, “It is also misogynistic because it figuratively connects the female sex organ with weakness. We spoke to House Speaker Valerie Woods about the matter today. 

The caucus says that although it was a quote “teachable moment on gender equality”, they are calling on PlusTV to issue an apology for the use of the word on its media. Separately, House Speaker Valerie Woods has also written to the Chairman of the Belize Broadcasting Authority, Evan Tench. In it, the Speaker also demanded that Wade apologises for the comments he made on PlusTV on July 25. Woods told us that she hopes we all use this moment to do better.

Woods has criticised Wade, who sits on the BBA board, for the language which Woods says is “offensive and revoltingly lewd, cannot be tolerated and need to be addressed.” She’s also demanding the BBA address the matter swiftly. For his part, Wade declined to comment at this time only saying via WhatsApp quote “At this point, 2 weeks after an apology the response will come through my attorney” End quote.