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Work Begins on Making Belize a Leading Sustainable Destination

We recently told you about a new Marketing and Public Relations company that had adopted Belize. The Brighter Group is one of the biggest independent travel tourism public relations and marketing consultancies in the United Kingdom. The goals for marketing will be the United Kingdom, France and Germany since most tourist arrivals to Belize are from Europe. Today, Noriko Gamero, marketing and public relations manager told Love News that the public relations sector has already began.


“The European Agency was selected at the end of February so they started March planning. Right now we are going to undergo a market research campaign so we want to make sure that the money we attribute to this campaign is strategically implemented so by hopefully in the next month and a half we should start the official campaign but the PR campaign has already begun.”

The Brighter Group’s main focus is to highlight Belize as a leading sustainable tourism destination.