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Work Being Done In the Cayo Disrtict

Road works in rural Cayo continued over the weekend.  We rejoin Fem Cruz for the details.

Road works in rural Cayo continued over the weekend.  We rejoin Fem Cruz for the details.

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: The improvement of streets and drainage in Cayo South continues by the Ministry of Works. Thanks to the new Minister of Works Honorable Julius Espat who brought in the grader, bulldozer, roller and trucks. Senior Engineer Ervin Thimbriel spoke to Love News about the improvement in the area.

Irvin Thimbriel, Senior Engineer, Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Housing: “We did some work last week in partnership with BEST the machine then came out and did some work in the village in respect to the garbage pile that was very unsightly. That machine has moved to Armenia where it’s going to be doing some farm roads and prior to that we will be clearing up all the farm roads in the My Refuge area so all these roads if you travel in that area you’ll be able to see all these roads are clean and they’ve been upgraded and the shoulders have been cleared so that you have clear sight of vision and also for future work that will be done and it can be bush hogged. In the Roaring Creek area as you well know the police station is in a vulnerable area because it is claimed land that was refilled and there was flooding problems. So what did we went in and we installed some culverts that were constructed by the Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Housing, we installed those culverts to alleviate that flooding and then we did some dumping of the road in that area so that flooding problem no longer exists. We did some grading of the streets as well. The plan also is to move into Cotton Tree where some works were done, Cotton Tree was in deplorable conditions still is in certain ways but the plan is to go into Cotton Tree and do extensive work in Cotton Tree and in St.Matthews and Franks Eddy and then we’ll be coming back into these areas Camalote, Tea Kettle, Roaring Creek to do further works but it’s a lot of work and so we’re setting up a plan to be able to touch everybody a little but until we can actually reduce the social issues we’re having because of these poor living conditions and roads.”