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Work completed on an outlet to help alleviate flooded condition in Blue Creek Village

Paul Mahung reporting…
“The need for the village drain project was a concern of NEMO Toledo and as a member of the district committee Senator Macario Coy visited the work area to follow up. “

Senator Macario Coy
“With the recent flooding in Toledo on Sunday July 17, Minister of NEMO and Transport Honorable Edmond Castro met with the members of NEMO Toledo in Punta Gorda Town and among major areas of interest in Toledo was the flooding situation in Blue Creek and the much needed drainage to help alleviate flooding condition in the village. As a result backhoe equipment from the Ministry of Works was dispatched to Blue Creek. I had the opportunity to visit the area where I observed that the work on the major village drain was completed. The village council members of Blue Creek Toledo were pleased to note that the work on the needed drain was done and in time of heavy rains the drain will serve as a major drainage outlet for excessive water that contributes to the flooding in Blue Creek Village, Toledo District.”

Another area of concern and well know flood prone location in Blue Creek Village Toledo is the low lying Blue Creek Bridge which floods several times annually during the rainy season thus causing major delays of vehicular traffic and commuting of rural inhabitants of Punta Gorda and other communities in this district.