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Work continues to regularize role of Alcaldes

Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte has been working with the Toledo Alcaldes Association to regularize their roles. A bill to this end is being worked on. Peyrefitte said it is still a work in progress.

Michael Peyrefitte – Attorney General

“I know there was a proposed one, I don’t know that that is the one that will officially go to cabinet or officially go to the house. When we spoke the last time we were here with Pablo Mes and Christina Coc, who are the spokespersons for the Alcaldes, I encouraged them to have us sit down to see how we could work on a bill. The government is not prepared to put to the house any bill that would allow an Alcalde or the village to usurp the constitutional integrity and authority of the Government of Belize, it will not do that. We will not have a situation where the Alcaldes become all powerful dons in their villages and they can choose to ignore the policies and laws set forth by Central Government so if the Alcaldes would now play an even bigger role then that’s fine that is important and to be encouraged. However we have to ensure that whatever role they play that role does not fly in the face of the Magistrate’s Court that have the jurisdictions to deal with these matters and as well the Supreme Court which has the original jurisdiction to deal with all matters. We will have to look for it, go back and forth and I am fully prepared to say ‘let’s sit down and talk and see if we can come up with an improved version of the current laws that govern Alcaldes.”

The Toledo Alcaldes Association has expressed appreciation to the AG’s ministry for working to finalize the document.