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Work to being on new bridge for San Ignacio/Santa Elena

A contract was signed this morning for the construction of the new San Ignacio/Santa Elena/ bridge. The contract was awarded to Cisco contraction and both the Minister of Works, Rene Montero and his Chief Executive Office, Errol Gentle, say that this latest project will great benefit the people of the twin towns.

Errol Gentle – CEO, Ministry of Works

“This has been long in waiting. I am certain that the residents of Santa Elena and San Ignacio and even all Belizeans who travel to that beautiful part of the country will be excited, will be elated to know that very soon we will have this bridge being constructed. This project is funded by the government of Belize and the Caribbean development bank and it’s at a cost of $19,961,575.16 that is in Belize dollars and the contract will be signed this morning by the government of Belize represented by the Ministry of Works the Honorable Minister and myself the CEO and CISCO construction company limited represented by Mr. John Woods and Mr. Arsenio Burgos. The importance of this bridge is that it offers a lot of safety features because we have the big cement trucks coming from Guatemala we have the movement of other containers from Puerto Barrios that come through San Ignacio they would no longer be able to pass through the center of the town so they will pass through this bridge so it’s very important in terms of safety features and also in terms of the movement of vehicles. If you notice on weekend there is a lot of congestion in San Ignacio because of the movement of vehicles so in a way we are getting like the US from peak hours from here to San Ignacio it’s almost bumper to bumper so that will ease it. I would like to congratulate Mr. John Woods and his company in bidding and being successful in this project.”