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Belize Solid Waste Management workers gifted schoolbags

Central TV isn’t the only company that is showing social responsibility. The Belize Solid Waste Management, held a fundraising drive for the children of the Belize City Recyclers.  The company’s Communication officer, Tyronne Chimilio says it’s a yearly initiative to help its employees with the start of the new school year.

 Company’s Communication officer, Tyronne Chimilio: “This is the annual back to school distribution that we do for the recyclers on behalf of their contribution of what they do for us at the transfer stations. The bags have been contributed by the Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable development with the support of our CEO Mr. Percival Sho. On our own we take up the initiative to go out and to acquire the bags, the pencils, the pens and the booklets and we distribute it to the recyclers for the exceptional job that they have done here at the transfer stations. The recyclers have been working at the transfer stations for years. Actually they have transitioned from an open dump site now from the transition station and they have been contributing a lot in terms of the recovery of recyclable materials. Yes it means alot to them and we look forward to ensuring that of course within our budget that we have this within our plans to always make sure that we can support them by giving back for what they have done for us at the transfer stations in terms of recovery.  At times the recovery of materials is not always good for them. Sometimes you have good days, sometimes you have bad days. It’s a business in itself so our contribution is very significant and we make sure that we give them a back to school token to let them hand over to their child.”

One of the company’s recyclers shared how grateful he was for the donation.

Company Recycler: “I am grateful of it, thankful because my daughter is going back to school with something good you know what I mean. I don’t have to spend no money or say well I going out there and do something to get a bag or try see how I could send my daughter back to school because I knowing that she have a bag.”

A total of 22 workers received school bags today.  Chimilio stated that more would be provided for the workers who were not in attendance and also those who recently started working at the company.