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Working at Cyber Security and Internet Governance

In the past weeks, the media has shed light on an increasing problem stemming from internet use. We have seen cases where teenagers and adults have fallen victim to hacking and cyber bullying. The issue is growing and with it grows concerns not only from the public at large, but from the business sector and even the government. To help tackle this problem, the Public Utilities Commission has organized a Cyber Security symposium that will shed light on the dangers of the internet and what protections are available or what security measures can be taken on the internet to fight cyber crime. The PUC sought the assistance of the Caribbean Network Operators Groups to shape the agenda for the event. Consultant Bevil Wooding says the symposium is step one in the larger process of keeping Belize Cyber safe.


The event is scheduled for April 24 to the 28. The symposium is free of cost and will be held at the Biltmore Hotel in Belize City. Wooding says the public is welcomed to attend.


The agenda will be posted on a website NIGF.bz. Last year Belize hosted the Caribbean Internet Governance Forum and committed to establishing a local forum for Belizeans to discuss internet issues. The symposium is the first step for Belize to also activate the Belize Internet Governance Forum.