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Workout Equipment Donated to Government

The Republic of China (Taiwan) continues to assist Belize in its efforts to promote healthy lifestyles.  While Taiwan has assisted in medical, educational and agricultural areas, the country also wants Belizeans to flex their muscles.  The Minister of Health Pablo Marin has received several sets of exercise equipment and is distributing them to different municipalities across the country for public use. Both Minister Marin and the Minister of Sports Patrick Faber explained how the equipment will be utilized.

Honorable Pablo Marin – Minister of Health: “We are promoting health to the people, telling the people not to drink soft drinks and to eat healthily, the best one is to do exercise. This is what I am doing, we have seven sets right now coming into the country at a value of $22,000 U.S. I need to give thanks to the Taiwanese Embassy for the donation and also the Ministry had to put some of the finance on it. Now we are going to give five different municipalities which will be PG, Cayo, Belmopan and San Pedro. We are giving one to the Deputy Prime Minister as Minister of Sports for the Marion Jones Stadium because a lot of people exercise there. We will use one of the sets for the Corozal Stadium where also a lot of people go and run so they will have that facility also so this is what we are doing.”

Minister of Education – Honorable Patrick Faber: “First I want to give thanks to the Minister of Health for the contributions that they are making here and say thanks on behalf of the Marion Jones Sporting Complex. We all know in the city a lot of working out goes on, people try to get fit there. Marian Jones sees a lot of activity in the morning and also in the evening so this is going to be a great edition. I believe that it is a wonderful thing for us to have all over the country. We do emphasize the need for exercise and for people to live a healthy lifestyle, that means eating right but also doing daily exercise and this encourages people. You don’t have to pay a fee to go to this gym, you don’t have to necessarily have to have a membership. All you do is turn up in an outdoor public space and you give it all you got so we are looking forward to many people using this across the country in the various different areas that are being installed now. I think they have in Corozal, Dangriga already and now we are looking to add in Punta Gorda, Cayo, here in Belmopan and then also in San Pedro so for us it is a step in the right direction.”

The total value of the gift is forty four thousand dollars.