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Works at Cinderella Plaza to be completed

Cinderella Plaza is an important infrastructure site as it pertains to the flood mitigation infrastructure project. At first glance you might get the impression that it is incomplete but today we found out that as far as that area is concerned, there is nothing more that officials from the project can or will do. However, there is much more to be done. Cinderella Plaza has been a daily concern for motorists and residents of the area who say that the potholes and bumps are unnecessary. Operations Officer for NEMO, Lionel Cutkelvin, told us the City Council now has to do its part.

Lionel Cutkelvin – NEMO Operations Officer

“We are not necessarily doing top surface or paving the road, it’s a flood mitigation project and what we did is built a canal under Cinderella Plaza that runs to beside the Princess Hotel .That is as far as we go in terms of the flood mitigation project. The Belize City council responsible for paving the streets are the people that could answer that question in terms of finishing off the paving of the area. The flood mitigation project entails the drainage system where joined Douglas Jones canal to this area.”