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High School Students Celebrate World Food Day

A secondary school institution went all out to celebrate and observe World Food Day.  Here is Toledo Correspondent, Paul Mahung with an overview of the event.

 Paul Mahung: “Independence High School held major activities yesterday in commemoration of World Food Day. IHS Principal Omar longsworth spoke to Love News at the event.

Omar Longsworth: “We have been doing this like we said for over a decade now and we have been doing it to try to ensure that we instill in students the value of Agriculture and producing what we eat in this country and across the world.  We are keeping with the theme indicating that we can if we put our hands and forces together I am sure that we can create a world that is hunger free and everybody living in this world can ensure that they are able to get their basic necessities provided for in their respective countries if wefocus our energies into producing what we eat.  

Paul Mahung: “Longsworth expresses gratitude to all those who generously contributed and participated in another successful Independence High school World Food Day Fair 2018 and made mention of Grace Kennedy for their generous continued sponsorship since the first year of the event. The IHS World food day fair also included information booths from various organizations involving agriculture and food production, selection of Ms.IHS Agriculture, watermelon carving and cook off competitions and agriculture related competitive fun games as well as educational displays of students work in connection with well established ongoing educational and technical vocational education training programs at Independent High School. The 13th Annual Independence High School food fair was held under World Food Day theme” Our Actions Are Our Future, A Zero Hunger World By 2030 Is Possible.”

Paul Mahung from Independence High School Love News.