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World Intellectual Property Organization holds PCT’s seminar

Belize is a signatory to the Patent Cooperation Treaty, (PCT) which gives opportunities to inventors who would like to register their inventions worldwide. The World Intellectual Property Organization in collaboration with the Belize Intellectual Property Office held a workshop on the PCT at the Best Western Plus Biltmore Plaza. Love News spoke with Olabimpe Akinkuolie, Deputy Registrar, at the Belize Intellectual Property Office about the benefits of registering their intervention using PCT.

Olabimpe Akinkuolie, Deputy Registrar, at the Belize Intellectual Property Office: “One thing about your inventions is the advantage is that one you are introducing something new to the market; two you are bringing about solutions to technical problems that exist in Belize through your invention and also another advantage is that you having just exclusive right for 20 years you as the inventor can dictate how you want to generate further income for the use of your invention. You can license it, you can assign it, you can even go about licensing it to for example university students who want to make use of your invention within the university. So for example one of the many inventions I’ve come across and it’s very simple is the use of the Post It- that used to be an invention that was thought of and now we see that being utilized every day within the offices, within the primary school and secondary school. So essentially there is money that can be generated for that inventor when it comes to the use of his invention for the period of 20 years. So there is a huge advantage in registering your invention so that at the end of the day you do not allow someone to gain access to it and go behind your back and make use and register it and put their name on it and you are the one now having to debate ‘how is it that this happen?’ ‘Why is it that I didn’t secure my rights?’ so this is a process that we are making it known to the Belizean public that you can use this patent cooperation treaty which is an international multi national multi application system that can be used for your benefit.”

Akinkuolie said the application process for PCT begins at BELIPO and takes thirty months.