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World Pediatric clinic for Kids

The World Pediatric Project has been in operation in Belize for over a decade. The Belize mission has partnered with the Ministry of Health, the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and the Gastroenterology Center to have a clinic to assess children who are suffering from various illness.  Khandice Tillett, Project Manager, World Pediatric Project Belize says the clinic will be this Sunday, starting at 8 a.m. at the KHMH.

Kandice Tillet Project Manager World Pediatric Project Belize: “We provide critical surgical care for children, we bring teams from the US to Belize to do surgeries and we also take children requiring surgery that’s not available in this country to the US. We have been in Belize for the past 15 years and we have healed over 10,000 Belizean children.”

Jose Sanchez: “What are you having this weekend?”

Kandice Tillet Project Manager World Pediatric Project Belize: “So this weekend we are having our Annual Pediatric general surgery clinic and we are also having our Nephrology clinic going on at the same time. We are inviting pediatric patients, we serve from birth to 21 years that have problem such as Kidney disease, blood in the urine, experiencing possible kidney failure to the clinic this Sunday at KHMH. We also have our General surgery clinic, that involves patients that have bowel problems, tumors, any growths, intestinal problems anything like that to come to our clinic. We are asking patients with any of the conditions or suspected conditions to come to the clinic.”

Jose Sanchez: “Do they have to bring anything else with them?”

Kandice Tillet Project Manager World Pediatric Project Belize:It helps if they bring their ID via social Security card, that makes the process much easier for us.”

There is a 25 dollars clinic fee that is payable to the KHMH.