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World Pediatric Project to hold clinic in Corozal

The World Pediatric Project is committed to seeing children who may have some sort of physical defect, get it surgically corrected. In this regard, they will be holding a Pediatric Orthopedic Clinic this Sunday at the Corozal Community Hospital. Love News spoke with Teresita Sanchez, the Office Assistant at World Pediatric Project, about the initiative.

Teresita Sanchez, the Office Assistant at World Pediatric Project

“Well this Sunday we will be having our Orthopedic clinic its pediatrics and the cut off age is 21 so anywhere from birth up to 2, they are welcome to come in for anything in terms of you know bow foot, any Orthopedic issues that the child may have.”

Johnelle McKenzie – Reporter

“Who would be conducting the surgery?”

Teresita Sanchez, the Office Assistant at World Pediatric Project

“We have two lead surgeons that would be Dr. David and Dr. Boils and they are coming from the U.S. to perform these surgeries during the week so the counsels are done on Sunday and then qualifying patients would have surgeries done in the week. We ask that when patients come if they have any x-rays for them to bring them with them and as well an identification card, for example, like their Social Security card or any other form of identification so that we can get their name right and spelled correctly in our files as well. They can contact us at 223-7300 or they can visit our offices at 3581 Sunrise Ave. We are here from Monday to Friday; our numbers are available as well and we even have a Facebook page as well which is World Pediatric Project- Belize.”

The clinic is for patients ranging from birth to twenty-one and a fee of five dollars which goes back to the Corozal Community Hospital will be charged to attend the clinic; however, the surgery will be free.