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World Pediatric Project to host clinics at KHMH

Please call 223-7300 or 615-6010 for more information.

World Pediatric Project is hosting its annual Pediatric General Surgery Mission Clinic at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital on Sunday, October 6.  The clinic will cater to children suffering from hernia, cyst, and abdominal problems.  There will also be a nephrology clinic to assist patients suffering from urinary tract infections and associated issues.  Love News spoke with Teresita Sanchez, the Office Assistant, at the World Pediatric Project who said that while the services being provided are free, patients will need to pay a clinic fee of twenty-five dollars.

Teresita Sanchez – Office Assistant, World Pediatric Project: The general surgery clinic is more catering to patients that would have gallstones, of course pediatrics so it has to be between the ages of zero and twenty one years of age is our cut off age, bowel obstructions, babies who are born with imperforate anus, any hernias whether it be umbilical, inguinal or diaphragm hernias as well, any tumors or masses that’s for the general surgeon and then we have our nephrology clinic which deals more with patients that have hypertension in terms of their kidneys, any kidney stones, protein in their urine or anything that they would need a pediatric nephrologist to look at. So the follow up just consists in seeing that the surgery has healed properly, that there is no recurrence and that they are not having any issues still pertaining to the surgery. So for example with the umbilical hernia you’re going to be looking that there is no more bulging, that they are not having any pain with that and once the child does not have or doesn’t present any of these symptoms then they are discharged and they usually carry on with their lives as normal, no follow up needed unless if something else comes up with them.”

The team conducting the clinics consists of three doctors and two nurses from Richmond, Virginia, USA. The clinic starts at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday, October 6, at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.