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World Pediatric will hold clinic in Corozal on April 8

The World Pediatric Project is hosting the Pediatric Urology and Spina Bifida Mission 2018 to help patients with kidney problems, spinal injuries, nephrotic syndrome and other problems.  Patients can visit the Corozal Hospital on Sunday to see a specialist. Love News spoke with KhandiceTillett, Project Manager for World Pediatric Project who shared more about the clinic.

KhandiceTillett – Project Manager, World Pediatric Project

“We are having our multi-specialty clinic; it’s going to have four different specialties: Spina Bifida, Neurology, Bracing, and nephrology. We also have phimosis, we also have for the kidney’s, we have enlarged kidney’s we have children facing kidney failure like on borderline kidney failure we bring in our nephrologist who manages all the cases and we also have bracing missions. This deals with kidneys that have CP, that have Spina Bifida, that have different bone issues in their legs and they need braces to support them in walking and we also have Spina Bifida specialist that deals with the developmental aspect of the Spina Bifida so all the specialties that we have in some way or the other is related to Spina Bifida so that is why we have brought all the doctors together so that these patients can receive the adequate follow up that they need.”

The clinic will be catering to persons from birth to 21 years old and the surgery is free. However, there is a minimal fee to cover the hospital expense. The World Pediatric Project can be contacted for more information at 223-7300.