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World Standards Day celebrated with the inclusion of Youth

World Standards Day 2018 (PKG)

The Belize Bureau of Standards (BBS) is the national standards body responsible for promoting efficiency and competitive production in goods and services.  BBS has been promoting high standards and has used the month to engage the youth about the importance of keeping and utilizing current and available standards. Love News attended BBS ceremony held this afternoon in honor of World Standards day.

Jose Sanchez:World Standards day celebrated yearly on October 14th, the Consumer protection and Liaison Officer for the Belize Bureau of Standards says this year they celebrate the month by engaging youths in a slogan and poster competition.”

Rodolfo Gutierrez Consumer Protection and Liaison Officer Belize Bureau of Standards: “We engaged young minds, we established a competition basing our self on theme and the use of standards so what we invited youths from a particular range, 15-25 to basically come up with ideas of how you can use standard especially the local standards and even the regional and see how best you could solve problems.”

Jose Sanchez: “Bernice Diaz won first place in the poster competition.”

Bernice Diaz: If a code that can’t be scanned is added to each product this would create access to additional information that would be great for the consumers and so that they would know exactly what they are buying. My idea you can use this technology, take a picture and scan the QR code area and it will give you the information that you need.”

Jose Sanchez: “Gian Witz won the slogan competition.”

Gian Witz: “Protecting, promoting and improving development. They all went with the history of the Bureau. I read the history of the Bureau and based on that what they’ve accomplished I can build these slogans on that. At the moment I don’t know which slogan it is but I do hope whether or not if they picked it, it deals with the authentic standards of this Bureau.”

Jose Sanchez: “Glenford Mcfadden won second place in the poster competition.”

Glenford Mcfadden: “ My poster is about a meat shop and this kid got sick while going to buy meat from this meat shop. He got sick and ended up in the hospital and this other meat shop open up and they had certain technologies that can chase away these animals, well that’s the poster.”

Jose Sanchez: “So it’s all about using standards?”

Jose Sanchez: “ The Bureau of Standards website was also upgraded as part of its efforts to improve its own standards and means of engagement with the public.

Rodolfo Gutierrez Consumer Protection and Liaison Officer Belize Bureau of Standards: “The Bureau of Standards had a website in our system but in the strides to be more innovative and be able to better service to our customers and Belizeans over all we decided to revisit and revamp our website so this is what we are doing today, we are going to be presenting our revamped website to the general public or invited guests here to see how well it was placed.”

Jose Sanchez for Live News.

The youths received cash, gift certificates and supplies as prizes.