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World Vasectomy Day

Today is observed as World Vasectomy Day and is being commemorated in a big way in Mexico. Representatives from numerous organizations that deal with family planning are discussing the current state of male involvement in family planning, the latest updates on the future of male contraception, the state of masculinity in a changing world and the global efforts to make vasectomies accessible. Jonathon Stack, Co-Founder of World Vasectomy Day spoke of the significance of the day.

Jonathon Stack

“The objective of World Vasectomy Day is to get more men to be more positive partners on the planet, as much as in family planning and as in every part of the society. I think on the level on the planet about 21% of men are involved with family planning but I don’t think that it’s just 21% of men are interested I think 21% of men are actually doing something about it and part of our job is to educate people and give them more information so they can make smarter and better-informed decisions.”

Many men do not consider a vasectomy as an alternative when it comes to birth control. Stack explains why that is so.

Jonathon Stack

“We’ve been talking to a lot of people around the world and the general sense is for lack of information that a vasectomy is the same as castration, so fears of castration is a big part of it, fears that vasectomy will lower your sex drive or lower your capacity to enjoy sex or give pleasure to your partner is a big issue but mostly the biggest obstacle is ignorance. I don’t think that there is anything in particular about vasectomy that makes people concerned unless you are still not certain if your family is complete but if your family is complete and you know you are ready to move to the next phase of your life then a vasectomy is a really great option to consider.”

Belize was apart of the online discussions. This is the fifth observation of the day.